They analyze the plastic recycling business

Founder and CEO of TBM Consulting Group, Anand Sharma, believes that recycling should be used to benefit the environment and companies’ pockets; Lean philosophy is one option for that, he says. According to Anand Sharma, founder and CEO of TBM Consulting Group, recycling It is a question that should be understood as a modern and necessary business model; Plastic recycling, he says, turns out to be a much less efficient industry than one might imagine.

“The recovery of materials from solid waste for its recirculation requires a lot of technology and infrastructure, aspects that are unfortunately not yet consolidated in Mexico. The recycling business, which could be so successful, turns out to be not so successful. In Mexico, plastic, compared to other recyclable materials, aluminum, iron, paper and glass, has a much lower purchase value and is a material that escapes to the American or Chinese markets, countries where almost twice as much is bought.” explains the manager.

Sharma points out that while in Mexico PET is paid in five pesos, in Asia and the United States it is paid in nine, which, he said, causes shortages in the national market and is the main problem of the few Mexican industries that have taken over, not without courage, this laudable function.

80% of Mexico’s PET waste, says Sharma, is exported to other Latin American countries, the US or China, so it is no longer used in the national market.

Faced with this panorama of resource use, the founder and director of TBM Consulting Group believes that lean ‘green’ production will always mean significant progress in competitiveness, which is why he said that its principles can be applied to the environment. constant development of the use of the three R’s: reduce, recycle and reuse, i.e. the reduction of the seven green wastes: energy, water, materials, transport, emissions and biodiversity.

“For a developing country like ours, the plastic recycling industry not only opens up a new market opportunity (note that almost all plastic is recyclable), but also creates a large number of jobs in the manufacturing sector,” explains Sharma.

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