They are building a food safety laboratory

In order to guarantee the safety of food from Central de Abasto, the agencies agreed to set up a specialized laboratory. The Secretary of Health of the Federal District, Armando Ahued Ortega, the Chief Coordinator of the Federal Health System of COFEPRIS, Antonio Grimaldo Monroy, and the General Director of FICEDA, Julio César Serna Chávez, visited the Comprehensive Unit for Services, Diagnosis and Confirmation in Tecámac, State of Mexico , the infrastructure of the National Health Service, Safety and Agricultural Food Quality (SENASICA) for the detection of pathogenic organisms, pesticides and contaminants in food.

Led by the Director General of SENASICA, Enrique Sánchez Cruz, officials agreed that the Laboratory for the Detection of Pathogenic Organisms would support the one to be installed in Central de Abasto; In addition, there will be support from the mobile security laboratory of this decentralized SAGARPA body.

In it laboratory The installation will review the safety standards that must be met by the products sold at the Central Supply Center, which receives 25,000 tons of agri-food products distributed daily in Mexico City, the metropolitan area and the central states and the southeast of the country, mainly.

The Secretary of Health of the DF, Armando Ahued, emphasized the importance of the laboratory for trade and health, as it will serve to check the quality of water and food sold in Mexico City. For his part, Julio César Serna indicated that it is likely that the project will be completed this year, since Central de Abasto will lay the ground.


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