They are celebrating 20 years on the market

General Mills FoodService, a leading company in the production of bakery, bakery and confectionery products, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Foodservice division of General Mills, a leader in the production of bakery, bakery and confectionery products, celebrated 20 years in the country and to celebrate it organized an important event in Sitio Palermo.

During the event, they shared the history of General Mills International, one of the largest food companies in the world, with offices and plants in more than 30 countries. They were also able to review the company’s history and trajectory in the country, and a growth plan for 2015 was presented based on the pillars that have characterized the brand since its inception: superior service; quality, innovation, communication and promotion.

The company’s vision is to lead the evolution of B&FS through innovative and practical products to simplify customers’ operations. For this, it works as a strategic partner in each of the phases businessdelivering superior value and reinforcing customer commitment and the “customer first” promise.

Within the pillars of General Mills Argentina, the priority is to guarantee the safety of people, both employees and consumers, through food that is produced according to the strictest standards of quality and standards. harmlessness. In line with this philosophy, the company has certified international standards, such as FSSC 22000.

To drive growth, the company is investing in the expansion of its Pillsbury brand, in new technologies for the production process and in the expansion of cold rooms to guarantee greater safety stocks and provide an excellent level of service.

The event featured loyal core clients who have followed General Mills FoodService throughout its history in the country. A cocktail with the company’s main products was then offered for the entertainment of the guests; and various technological activities were carried out to strengthen the connection between customers and the product and the brand. Bursar Emi Pechar and her Food Styling team were also present to evaluate new alternatives for using the company’s products and advise clients.

Source: General Mills, Foodservice Division.

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