They are demanding the withdrawal of Burger King’s advertising campaign in Spain

The new product “Texican Whopper” represents a stereotype of a Mexican that does not correspond to reality.

Mexico’s ambassador to Spain, Jorge Zermeño, has written a letter asking the American company Burger King to withdraw an advertising campaign recently launched in the Iberian country because it shows an image that denigrates the Mexican flag.

“It seems to us that this is a vulgar advertising campaign and that, above all, it denigrates our national symbols,” especially the Mexican flag, Zermeño told Efe.

According to diplomats, the advertisement associated with the new product “Texican Whooper” also represents a stereotype of the Mexican that does not correspond to reality. In it, “an American cowboy appears next to an alleged Mexican wearing the Mexican national flag as a sarape (a type of poncho), with a national shield and a wrestler’s mask,” explains Zermeño.

The diplomat reminds that in his country there is a special rule that regulates the “correct use” of national symbols, including the tricolor, and prevents cases like this from happening.

Yesterday, Zermeño sent a letter to the general manager of Burger King in Spain, Elías Díaz Sesé, asking that “careful consideration be given to withdrawing this propaganda” because it offends “Mexico and Mexicans.” Zermeño said he did not know if this advertising campaign was also launched in other countries, but he was confident it would be withdrawn “because it is a company that has an important presence in Mexico.”

“I don’t think it’s in their best interest to run a campaign that’s annoying, that denigrates Mexicans and that also puts at risk the good jobs that they may be doing in our country and even in the United States,” where millions of Mexicans live, he added. In case the publicity continues, the diplomat did not rule out filing a lawsuit against Burger King.

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