They are developing technology for mixing ingredients

Blendhub has created a new module that allows you to automatically inject up to 10 different types of liquids into a mixture of powdered ingredients. Blendhub’s “Portable Powder Blending” plant incorporates automatic liquid injection into your powder blending process. Ingredients food. The company has developed a parallel module that is installed in the drive via a connector, according to the client’s needs, and which allows the injection of up to 10 different liquids (such as fats, oils, vitamins, dyes, etc.), as another ingredient, a powder mixture, without the need for changes or modifications to the portable plant.

This functionality allows the amount of liquid needed to be added to the mixture, at the appropriate time, as the new module consists of software that automates the parameters of the liquid addition process, time and amount, as well as the performance of the liquids. stirring and heating required by some products, such as certain fats.

Furthermore, the liquid injection module is designed to guarantee maximum safety and traceability conditions throughout the process.

The fluid injection system is the second improvement implemented in the transmission plant in the last few months after the recent switch-on packaging in “big bags”, which allows packing quantities of 300 to 800 kg of powdered products. The “big bag” system is compatible with packaging in bags between 15 and 25 kg, which the factory already includes, and is connected with an additional module, giving “Portable Powder Bleding” more flexibility, without changing its operation.

The “Portable Powder Blending” factory allows you to enter new markets in a very short period of time with maximum flexibility and minimum risk, protects intellectual property and optimizes the supply chain, products, processes and services.

“Portable Powder Blending” is a portable, modular plant, transportable in a 40-foot container and internationally patented. Ready for production anywhere in the world and at any link in the supply chain, in just six months from order and with just one electrical connection.


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