They are launching a new product for sparkling wines

Avery Dennison, the world leader in the production of labels and packaging materials, has presented a new solution that provides a high visual appeal thanks to a steel-like metallic appearance, ideal for sparkling wines and premium wines.

  • Fasson Cuvée Platinum provides an excellent surface for printing thanks to its smoothness, obtained by applying an acrylic primer that enables printing in flexo and offset.

It has Fasson AT20 adhesive, which is specially designed for the wine segment, as it can withstand wide temperature ranges without sacrificing cutting and application performance. It also has an FDA 175.105 certificate that allows indirect or accidental contact with food.

In addition, it has a PET support, which enables a smaller thickness of the construction and thus a greater number of labels per roll. It has higher tensile strength, generates fewer machine stoppages and allows for faster conversion and marking speed.

Bad sparkling wines, due to their growth, today they are one of the most dynamic in the industry, with significant penetration in the segment of young people and women. This drink is no longer only drunk at parties, but is also chosen throughout the year, so highlighting the consumer is key to the growth of the brand. Fasson Cuvee Platinum specifically targets this segment due to its visual and printing characteristics.

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