They are renewing the alliance for the export of agricultural products

FIRA, Bancomext and ProMéxico reaffirm their commitment to continue supporting and developing strategies aimed at increasing the placement of Mexican food products and companies in the Canadian market.

In order to support producers and companies in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector for export according to the certification requirements required by the Government of Canada, they signed a renewal of the memorandum of understanding for the development of strategies and activities that promote these sectors. The aforementioned agreement was signed by the general director of the Trusts Instituted in Relation to Agriculture (FIRA), Rafael Gamboa González; General Manager of Bancomext, Francisco N. González Díaz; and ProMéxico General Manager Paulo Carreño King.

Reviewing the results achieved and the efforts resulting from the institutional coordination that began in December 2015 and is being renewed, the General Director of FIRA, Rafael Gamboa González, pointed out that the mechanisms and strategies implemented by FIRA, ProMéxico, Bancomext and the Canadian Center for World store, CENTREPORT, located in Manitoba, Canada, has helped promote the internalization of Mexican food products in that country, benefiting more than 68 producers and 10 national processed product companies, including: vegetables, avocados, bananas and recently vanilla .

For the export of vanilla, FIRA managed to establish, under the supplier development scheme, a commercial relationship between local producers from Puebla and Colima with the Mexican company “Vainilla Molina” for the supply of vanilla beans and vanilla flavoring to the Canadian market, thus achieving the formalization of the Mexican company as the main supplier of natural vanilla extract and a guarantee of 80% of the contracted quantity for the leading customer in Canada.

For his part, the general director of ProMéxico, Paulo Carreño King, commented that with this agreement, ProMéxico is committed to strengthening the exports of Mexican agri-food companies through four pillars:

• Promotion of programs that promote the diversification of exports of products from the agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, fishing and agro-industry sectors.

• Coordination of strategies that facilitate access to financing through FIRA and Bancomext, as well as support and services intended for companies and producers.

• Promoting the value and export networks of agri-food products to improve competitiveness and facilitate access to international markets.

• Training of producers and companies for export promotion, international trade, international business and market analysis.

In this sense, the management of ProMéxico in the previous contract, as well as in the one being renewed, consisted of the promotion of business agendas in Center Port, as well as the internationalization of Mexican companies through regional coordinators and their representative offices abroad.

FIRA, for its part, offers financial and technological means and support for the promotion of the agricultural, forestry, fishing and rural sectors, as well as financing and/or guarantee programs and products to those eligible companies participating with Center Port, in order to encourage their investment projects.

Source: ProMéxico

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