They are trying to position Mexican mezcal

They are celebrating the opening of a mezcalería where the mezcal they serve is made by hand and exclusively in 30 Mexican cooperatives.

Madrid is the first European city to open a mezcalería, “La Botica de la Condesa”, where the main drink is mezcal, a typical Mexican drink that comes from a plant called agave. The Internet portal explained that the specialty of this business is that all the mezcal they serve is artisanal and exclusively made in 30 Mexican cooperatives. In the future, they intend to distribute it as well.

“The goal is to position mezcal as the main Mexican drink,” said Eric Mas, one of the partners of this project, during the presentation to the press, who also explained that tequila is the most famous mezcal, but that its production is already known. converted into an industrial one. He also pointed out the advantage of mezcal over tequila: “no hangover”.

There are currently 9 mezcalerías in Mexico strategically located in the Mexican capital and in the interior of the country.

La Botica de la Condesa, located in the central street of Palma, offers several types of mezcal such as Minero, Gusano, Añejo, Reposado, Papalote and liqueurs made from mint, orange, almond and exotic fruits such as coconut, passion fruit, blackberry and mango. Another of its main attractions is the cocktail bar, which offers its own mezcal-based creations. In addition, you can enjoy typical snacks with Mexican beer.

Mezcal is an artisanal Mexican alcoholic drink made by distilling the fermented juice of several types of agave plant, just like tequila. More than 75% of the world’s agave species are found in Mexico, most of them can be obtained as mezcal, and some are within different denominations of origin, such as tequila, the most famous mezcal, but not the only one.

According to its managers, La Botica “tries to offer small producers from all Mexican regions a market option, taking a formal commitment to them, with the immense richness of this tradition and the quality of a 100% artisanal product.” .

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