They create a liquid sweetener to reduce obesity

Procazucar reported that Procazuc is a high-density sweetener in liquid form, but produced with sucralose, whose purpose is to contribute to the fight against health problems in the country. Procazuc is a new branch of the company Procazucar, which has been dedicated to the design and production of factories since 1995; It is now celebrating its 25th anniversary with this new challenge. “Basically we are dedicated to the creation of liquid sugar factories, we worked under sugar and we saw something that is in line with our skills, it is a new segment, something that has opportunities and great demand,” commented the company’s general manager, Federico López Medel.

Thanks to the support of the Program for the Promotion of Innovation (PEI) of the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), the company established its pilot plant for the production of low-calorie sweeteners, which was installed in the city of Córdoba, Veracruz, in 2014. “In Mexico—so far—there is no presentation of a high-density sweetener in liquid form,” said López Medel. The advantage is the high sweetening power: a 125 milliliter bottle is equivalent to a box of 500 Splenda sachets, thus reducing production costs and also the impact of pollution. “Our ten-year project is to position ourselves with 5% of the sweetener market,” he assured.

The active base of the Procazuc product is the sucralose sweetener, discovered in 1976 and patented in the early 90s, whose sweetening power is 600 times greater than sugar; Furthermore, even though sucralose is made from this substance, the body does not recognize it as a carbohydrate and therefore has zero calorie.

He stated that it is a safe product for consumption by all types of population, from children to pregnant women, it is even recommended for people with diabetes problems. In Mexico, the number of people with diabetes and overweight is very high, so this would be a good method to reduce the consumption of sugar, one of the factors that drive both evils.

“Statistics show us that every Mexican consumes about 50 kilograms of sweeteners annually, about six million tons across the country; Of those 50 kilos, she lost 35 kilos sugar cane sucrose and 14 kilograms of high glucose corn syrup; Of those 50 kilos, we spend 20 in non-alcoholic drinks, we will have to think about how terrible the statistics are,” said the host.

However, he explained that many people are still skeptical about using these products, “there are fears that they will have a negative result on health, but sucralose has undergone extensive and varied testing before it is allowed to be sold. Safety using “Sucralose has been accepted by various worldwide medical and scientific authorities, including the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Food Safety Authority, among others.”

“I feel that our country should support young people who want to be entrepreneurs and do something in science and technology, I am very grateful to Conacyt for the financial support, but I also thank them for all the advice, because as part of their strategy to seek funding, they ask a number of questions, 80% of which we don’t know,” reported López Medel.

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