They create an alliance for beer culture

They announced the establishment of Cerveceros de México, which wants to position beer as a product that contributes to the country’s industrial development. The National Chamber of the Beer and Malt Industry (CANICERM) reported that it had adopted the name Mexican brewers, which is based on the concept of union evolution. The strategic work plan aims to position Mexican beer as a product that strongly contributes to the industrial development of the country and that provides important economic and social benefits.

The president of Cerveceros de México, Arnulfo Treviño Garza, explained that Mexico is a key country for the brewing industry. beer worldwide, as it is an industry that affects the entire value chain that extends from farmers, transporters, industrialists, distributors, retail outlets, restaurants and recreation and leisure centers.

One of the main changes with the adoption of this new name is the establishment of microbreweries, which gives the union more representation. Today, Cervecería de México consists of the following companies: Cervecería Cinco de Mayo, Cervecería Josefa, Cervecería Nevado, Cervecería Minerva, Cervecería Tepozteca, Cervecerí, Gruhte, Cu and Cuuhtémo ECERía Gourmet Calavera. In short, the members represent 99% of the total beer production in Mexico.

“Mexican beer represents the standard of our country’s industrial development. That’s why Mexican brewers are determined to promote Mexican beer and position themselves as the beer nation par excellence,” said Treviño.

According to Treviño, the strategic work plan includes four fundamental pillars for the benefit of the industry:
1. Proactivity: Work with authorities and consumers to promote smart consumption and promote prevention campaigns.
2. Contribute to scientific research on issues related to the consumption and effects of beer.
3. Promote a healthy lifestyle through intelligent beer consumption.
4. Conducting cultural, recreational and socially responsible events.

For his part, Ricardo Tadeu, General Manager of Grupo Modelo, indicated that the intelligent consumption of products is the basis for the fight against harmful and abusive consumption, therefore it is important to carry out social engagement campaigns together with sectors of the population. In this sense, Marc Busain, executive director of Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, said that beer consumption and a healthy life go hand in hand, which is why beer producers reaffirm their commitment to Mexico, society through information of interest to the population.

Annual beer production is 78 million hectoliters, of which 10 million are exported to 180 countries, making Mexico the leading beer exporter and the sixth largest beer producing country in the world. The United States is the main importer of Mexican beer, consuming 86% of total exports. 100% of the barley malt used is Mexican. 7 out of every 10 bottles used by the national beer industry are produced in Mexico.

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