They create new flavors with artificial intelligence and cocoa

Cocoa is one of the favorite ingredients around the world, and one of its characteristics is that it can be combined with an infinite number of sectors, which supported by technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) They create interesting propositions.

Eastern and Western flavors in confectionery, bakery, drinks and snacks, are some of the taste trends developed by Olam FoodIngredients (ofi).

AI is innovating flavors in the West and East

Although it seems that everything is already being created and there is nothing new in the food industry, AI shows that new experiences can still be created where consumer taste is the central axis.

As predictive analytics for scanning online recipes, restaurant menus and e-commerce websites booming trendswith flavors such as: dragon fruit, sesame, yuzu, lychee and matcha, which are preferred by Americans and Europeans.

In the case of the Western market, there is a bias towards flavors such as caramel, marshmallow, salted caramel, and cookies and cream is taking off in South Asian countries such as Indonesia and India.

Taste trends cross borders

Eye, Edward Norder, innovation director at EMENA de ofi, believes that flavor trends cross borders faster than ever, creating cocoa combinations with innovative concepts inspired by trends from different parts of the world.

Other examples innovations with cocoa which are accepted worldwide are: chocolate-covered pitahaya and yuzu-infused chocolate pannacotta for the United States.

Germany is leaning towards fruity and spicy flavors such as chipotle chili, lime and passion fruit, and the latest example is the case of Indonesia with a frappe-style drink flavored with black forest and cocoa.

Success in the combination of flavors thanks to technology

Ofi receives data on consumer tastes around the world through artificial intelligence to collect and process meaningful data about it flavors in the making in certain regions and categories.

Talia Profet, ofi’s leading European chef, explains that the result is a set of predictions about future cocoa flavors that will soon become popular and some creative ideas for turning them into successful concepts.

A special ingredient is cocoa

It’s cocoa favorite ingredient in all these innovations, but it is necessary to analyze the different cocoa powders in order to know which of them to use in each recipe, in order to enhance specific notes or flavors that do not overshadow the other ingredients.

Ofi decided to experiment with cocoa natural Zaan powder, from its own brand, which offers an excellent flavor profile to meet trends for fruity and exotic flavors, such as dragon fruit.

Among its characteristics is that absorbs less moisture, which contributes to the crispness of the cake, but also takes into account the high fat content, so it goes better in ice cream or sorbet.

Cocoa joins the list of technological ingredients

The company admits it has a long way to go and will continue to work on it other types of cacao to find the one that best suits each product, experimenting with all of them to get the best results.

They plan and formulate vegan or gluten-free recipescover all consumer trends that are of interest to consumers who are no longer satisfied with them.

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