They create soluble vitamin D for carrageenan-free dairy products

The powder can be added to milk, it would have a more even distribution and result in a longer shelf life without the need to use stabilizers such as carrageenan.

Father Shafatscientific director of Capsoil, confirmed that the composition Capsoil Food Tech powder It uses a completely different technology, so it does not need stabilizers.

  • This technology solves the distribution of this vitamin in the product, which is another existing problem for the industry.

Shafat noted that most vitamin D supplement companies use a diluted powder that contains only 0.01% of the vitamin. Stabilizers, such as carrageenan, make up the rest of this powder, as well as other ingredients not included on the label due to regulatory allocation.

This new development was created in response to the need for products that have a positive effect, especially on the immune system. In particular, this vitamin is an important factor for bone healthso in recent years several studies have highlighted these benefits.

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The industry focuses on dairy products

Capsoil Food Tech conducted a study with high-fat short-term pasteurized milk (HTST) at 3% mixed with their new vitamin D powder using a low-energy mixer and with no added stabilizers.

The bottle used for the study was divided into three segments which were analyzed separately to show that vitamin D from Capsoil It is evenly distributed and stable.

Vitamin D concentration was analyzed on day 1 and 14 and identical average concentrations were found with good stability of vitamin D in milk during the shelf life.

The company concluded that with vitamin D from oil powder from the company Capsoil Food Tech no stabilizer, enabling oil filling up to 30%. In addition, Capsoil vitamin D powder offers the following key benefits:

  • High oil powder charge for more power
  • Self-emulsifying nanoemulsion leading to solubility in water
  • Better bioavailability
  • There is also a vegan option

We have also shown that it is possible to add it to iced tea. Depending on the regulatory task, we can add this powder to any drink. Juices, milk alternatives, vitamin water and many others can benefit from the addition of our product,” said Shafat.

Vitamin D
The company concluded that with Capsoil Food Tech’s vitamin D oil powder, no stabilizer is needed.

Vitamin D with higher bioavailability

The food fortification with vitamin D works better with water and milk than with juice, according to a new study presented at the 24th European Congress of Endocrinology in Milan, Italy.

By measuring the maximum concentration over time, the researchers found that bioavailability there is more of this vitamin in milk and water than in juice.

  • The study pointed out that vitamin D deficiency is linked to a number of health problems, including the immune response to Covid-19.

Estimates show that up to 40% of the European population may suffer from vitamin deficiency, and 13% potentially suffer from severe vitamin deficiency.

A surprising aspect was the fact that the results observed in the water and milk groups were the same. This was quite unexpected considering the fact that milk contains more fat than water. Therefore, vitamin supplements are vital, and it is crucial to know if they will be absorbed and how best to help absorption,” concluded Dr. Rasmus Espersen from Aarhus University in Denmark.

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