They design the latest trends in confectionery and ice cream packaging

As the diversification of ice cream and desserts continues to grow, so does it consumer demand for more attractive packaging, suitable and environmentally responsible.

  • Consequently, the market is witnessing an increased demand for unique graphics and designs. To make products stand out on the shelf while embracing connected technology.

Companies are seeing an increase in demand for packaging solutions to adapt to wider product ranges and accommodate changes consumer preferences.

To meet consumer demand, the industry works with brands to ensure packaging requirements are met. Which can ensure taste and freshness while preserving the consumer experience.

Consumers are also driving a shift towards environmentally sustainable packaging, including in the ice cream and confectionery market.

This trend is a bit harder to fulfill compared to expansion packaging generally to satisfy the extended categories of sweets, but it is not impossible.

Recyclable packaging leads the market

Heat sealable paper and film solutions are currently being developed and work extremely well on vertical or horizontal filing lines.

For brands, that package frozen desserts unsuitable for recycling streams due to high residue, the market offers platforms that can serve as a new solution.

Some requirements also require a further step in sustainability, such as renewable sources and compostability. Precisely because the industry is developing new concepts and new features to support innovations in ice cream and trends in frozen desserts.

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The industry is working closely with brands to meet the growing demands for smart packaging. Photo: Freepik

QR codes: consumer experiences

In the 2023 Ice Cream Packaging Market Study conducted by Future Marketing Insights, it was found that QR coding is one of the key trends To watch. As the consumer experience continues to merge with marketing techniques.

QR codes support brand usability as stores sort and stock brand products and improve consumer interaction on shelves.

The industry is working closely with brands to meet growing demands to incorporate smart packaging such as QR coding.

Understand and modernize active and smart packaging is a key area of ​​research contributing to the inclusion of the next wave of smart packaging in the consumer experience.

This ensures that brands increase engagement with consumers through digital delivery of key content, tracking and supply chain transparency. Helping to support sustainability claims by offering access to statements
and digital brand certificates.

Finally, QR coding can support brand differentiation and offer an additional fun moment while enjoying a good ice cream.

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