They develop inks for flexible packaging solutions

Siegwerksupplier of printing inks for packaging and labels, is increasing its range of sustainable ink solutions in line with the principle From cradle to cradle (C2C) focusing especially on flexible packaging solutions.

Thanks to its experience in packaging circularity and its line of packaging solutions sustainable inks and varnishess, including C2C certified solutions, the company launches recycling of packaging by developing pioneering ink systems that meet the highest environmental standards.

C2C represents a well-accepted and scientifically proven method for verifying the properties of sustainable materials, products and systems, giving an important role to the impact of the chemicals used on human and environmental health.

Developing ink solutions according to the principle of C2C material health means that the design is based on materials that are inert to the environment and safe to human health, allowing their use in a closed biological loop system. Therefore, the components of safe and sustainable packaging, as well as printing inks, they are essential for the certification of the entire packaging.

AND C2C® Material Health Gold certification guarantees the absence of organohalogenated components in the formulation (especially chlorine) and any substance that has very problematic properties in terms of at least one or even more of the 24 toxicological endpoints used by the Cradle to Cradle Institute for Product Innovation (such as carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic effects ).

Users of Cradle to Cradle Material Health Gold certified inks can claim to be using inks which, based on current knowledge, are absolutely inert and therefore safe for recycling processes and which are well suited to current recycling approaches. Circular economy.

Other solutions for containers and packaging

In 2017, Siegwerk received the “Cradle to Cradle Materials Health GOLD Certification”. With Sicura Litho Nutri Eco, the company has developed a unique range of low-migration UV offset inks to support design launches a recyclable detergent bottle of the company Werner & Mertz, which meets the highest Cradle to Cradle certification criteria.

Currently, Siegwerk offers a robust set of industry-certified C2C solutions for material health that are suitable for different types of packaging and printing technologies for food and non-food applications.

The company recently received the ‘Cradle to Cradle GOLD Material Health Certification’ for a solvent-based ink system specifically for flexographic printing of polyolefin monomaterials used, for example, for bags, packaging and the like.

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