They develop products and raw materials based on beans

Herba Ingredients uses lenght for its latest project involving a Dutch consortium of agricultural organizations and developing cooperatives raw materials from farm to table. Using a protein extrusion process, Herba converted the ingredient for use in a range of meat analogue products in the Netherlands.

Partners in the consortium are organizations farmers and cooperative society; ZLTO, CZAV and Agrifirm. Herba Ingredients is a producer of ingredients and a producer of meat substitutes Meat. Arjan Geerlings, head of marketing and new product development at Herba Ingredientshe emphasized the importance of working in a consortium and that it enabled faster development of the products and ingredients used.

Broad beans do very well in the Netherlands, with good yields. There are also many different varieties of beans, and we already knew that between one variety and another there are a lot of differences in functionality, protein level, taste, color,” he commented.

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Using beans, a process of trial and error

After this testing process, Herba sent samples to its consortium partner, Me-at, which later became develop substitute products for meat. Herba was able to add two different species to industrial production trials to fine-tune the process and obtain the best ingredients for making meat substitutes.

Fast forward to February this year, and the first products with Herba ingredients were launched at Albert Hein, supermarket chain the largest in the Netherlands. In particular, Albert Heijn is also responsible for most meat substitutes in the Netherlands, adds Geerlings.

Las plant-based burgers, supermarket-branded sausages and ground meats are successful, says Geerlings, who adds that the flavors are so similar to meat that they are barely distinguishable from real meat. Besides meat substitutes for Herba Ingredients, being part of the consortium and developing green beans as a sustainable ingredient was a “game changer”.

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