They develop vegetable casein obtained by precise fermentation

Dutch plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive has unveiled its new vegan casein in an animal-free alternative milk made from fermented peas. The ingredient is the first vegan casein available for use in the food industry.

“Our next steps will be more studies and a requirement that both European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take our vegan casein to the next step,” said Moayad Abushokhedim, Founder and CEO of Fooditiv.

Several food manufacturers and food companies have applied to test the component in their products. The company’s goal is to deliver milk on demand in the coming years and eradicate defects industrial agriculturelactose, hormones and antibiotics.

Development of vegetable casein

The company’s goal is to deliver milk on demand in the coming years and eradicate the disadvantages of industrial agriculture, lactose, hormones and antibiotics. “We plan to raise funds in 2023 to build our own production facilities in the Netherlands,” Abushokedim explained.

The process begins with the DNA coding of casein protein sequences in microorganisms with plasmid yeast cells that can transfer the genetic information from the genetic sequence to other parts of the cell. Modified yeast, with DNA that produces proteins, becomes a new organism. Using precision fermentation, yeast is placed in bioreactor tanks and fed with nutrients, and the proteins are purified.

Vegan casein is suitable for formulations dairy milk like yogurt, creams and cheeses that show fusion characteristics. Casein is one of the main proteins in milk that gives it its texture, taste and functionality. “Our goal is to change that by showing the food industry and end consumers an innovative approach to creating sustainable products,” concludes Abushokedim.

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