They discover better consumer pairs

On February 14, Kantar Worldpanel presented a ranking of “categories that are a consumer pair”. Yerba mate & cookies is the pair that is present in the highest percentage of homes, which is why it was decided to call it: “married couple with children.” Both Pastas & Tomatados and Fernet & Cola are defined as a “married” couple. They are in full “ coexistence” Crackers & cream and processed cheeses and Butter & Dulce de leche, according to the scale prepared by Kantar Worldpanel.

In the “boyfriend” phase are sausages and toppings, while beer and fries, snacks “regularly come out”, but Burgers and fries appear on the scale as a “first date”.

Yerba mate and cookies:
• 93% of households buy yerba matethey also buy cookies.
• Households in which both categories live together are of lower socioeconomic level, large four-member and multi-member families.

Pasta and tomatoes:
• 83% of households buy pastaThey also buy tomatoes.
• These households are characterized by low socioeconomic levels, large four-member and multi-member families with children up to 18 years of age.

Fernet & Cola:
• 80% of households that buy Fernet also buy cola soft drinks in a quarter.
• The greatest coexistence between categories occurs in AMBA and Litoral.
• In the central region we find the highest percentage of households exclusively for Fernet: 29% compared to 20% of the entire country.
• Households in which we find both categories are upper and lower SES, families of 4 members, housewives younger than 35 or from 50 to 64 years old.

Salty crackers and cream and processed cheeses:
• 63% of households that buy biscuits also buy cream and processed cheeses.
• These households have a high and medium level profile, one to two people, housewives over 50 years old, without children and living in AMBA.

Sausages and toppings:
• 63% of households that buy sausages also buy some kind of condiment (ketchup, mustard or other sauces).
• These are upper-lower-level households, large families with 4 or more members, housewives aged 35 to 49 and living in AMBA.

Butter & Dulce de leche:
• 57% of households that buy butter also buy dulce de leche.
• These are households with low incomes, large families of 4 or more members, with children up to 18 years old.

Beer and snacks and fries:
• 45% of households that buy beer also buy snacks and chips.
• These households have a profile of high and medium level, without children and live in AMBA.

Burgers and fries:
• Only 11% of households that buy hamburgers also buy frozen potatoes in a quarter.
• Households in which we find both categories are characterized by children between the ages of 6 and 18 and live in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires.


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