They discover the habits and trends of foodies in Latin America

American Express conducted the study “Being a foodie in Latin America” ​​to learn more about the habits of foodies, those people who have passion and pleasure for food, as part of the “Amex for Foodies” initiative, a program that invites customers to experience the best culinary experiences under motto: “Because the best moments are shared around the table.”

The study highlights consumer behavior in the kitchen, as well as tastes and preferences, use of media, social networks and trends; highlighting Latin America as the region with the best food and the most innovation with 67% of respondents, followed by the region of continental Europe and the Middle East with 15% and 7% respectively.

In this regard, Henry Seeber, president and general manager of American Express Argentina, pointed out that going out for a good meal, in excellent company, is part of Latin American culture, and for this reason American Express offers unique experiences that allow access to diverse cuisine through a wide range of exclusive culinary events for its clients across the region, like Amex for foodies.

To gather information, online surveys were conducted with foodies between the ages of 25 and 55 from 6 Latin American countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru, with the aim of better understanding what it means to be a foodie in Latin America. “

It should be noted that in each country, good food is associated with different trends, with quality ingredients (59%) and the visual appeal of the food (47%) being the aspects most valued by the respondents. In addition to the aforementioned factors, tradition in gastronomic dishes is a highly valued topic in Argentina.

Specifically in Argentina, 65% of those surveyed identify themselves as cooking enthusiasts, that is, those who mostly enjoy cooking (foodies cooks), followed by 19% of those who are familiar with trendy processes and ingredients (foodies nerds). and with 16% for those who are passionate about going out and discovering new restaurants (outgoing foodies).

Although foodies’ interests in accessing gastronomic activities are varied, 53% of them are mainly concerned with trying new styles of food, followed by experiencing new experiences with 29% and discovering up-and-coming local chefs (9%).

The key attributes that define Latin American food as the best in the world correspond to the combination of flavors and ingredients (55%), the use of spices and flavors unique to the region (54%), as well as local traditions (51%). %).

As for the main trends in current cuisine, fusion food stands out first (45%), followed by slow food (29%) and the surprise effect (27%). Highlighting widespread interest in ingredients such as quinoa, avocado, salmon and chia.

For 38% of respondents in Latin America, a partner is the main partner in enjoying food, followed by friends who are considered allies in kitchen adventures (28%), especially for men who are foodies. 6 out of 10 foodies have a group of friends they get together with regularly to try out recipes and cook at home, and 5 out of 10 have a group they get together with to try out new restaurants.

Foodie passion is shared with others on social networks, especially among the youngest. 8 out of 10 gourmands learn recipes on cooking websites and profiles of chefs. When they go out to eat, 56% of foodies usually rate the quality of service and food on a social network or app.

For 91% of those surveyed, there is a great interest in visiting exclusive culinary events, whereby financial services cards are an important ally for those looking for gastronomic recommendations.

Source: American Express Argentina

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