They emphasize the basic principles in confectionery

The presentation of the book: Confectionery, from artisanal to technology, which deals with the processes of current technologies used in Mexico and Latin America, was held. The presentation of the book Confitería: from artisanal to technology, by Mexican authors, was held. María Magdalena Ramírez and Norma Estela Orozco. The director of the UNESCO Regional Office in Cuba, Herman Van Hoff, a special guest for this occasion, emphasized the richness of traditional Mexican cuisine and the importance of this work that saves cultural traditions, but also shows its application today.

“The cuisine of this country was declared by UNESCO as a tangible and intangible heritage of humanity because of the value of its roots and tradition, which continues with great strength to this day. The fact of saving a nation’s cultural customs is in line with our policy of promoting culture-based development,” said Van Hoff.

According to María Cristina Jorge, director of the School of Latin America and the Caribbean Chocolate shopPastries and Confectionery, one of the main merits of the book lies in the combination of a theoretical and practical approach, which allows both experts and beginners to approach the work. “There are many books on the market that deal with confectionery, but there are few that are the result of the practical experience of their authors.”

The paper deals with the processes of current technologies used in Mexico and in the rest of Latin America. It is based on the basic principles of the chemistry of confectionery ingredients and their influence on the preparation of different types of products. In the first part, the physical characteristics and properties of individual ingredients are explained, and in the second, the most common production processes are described, taking into account both the most artisanal techniques and processes based on technological progress.

The volume – published by the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes – is excellently produced and contains images that illustrate the content covered. It is the result of the experience of its authors who have been associated with the Mexican food industry for many years. Norma Estela Orozco, an engineer by profession, is currently the general director of the Center for Research and Training in Pastry, based in the city of San Luis de Potosí, and has also worked as a professor in several courses related to the subject. For her part, María Magdalena Ramírez is a professor at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes and is currently associated with the Potosí Pastry Research and Training Center.

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