They emphasize the healthy habits of Mexicans

Kantar Worldpanel México conducted a web survey for its panel of households asking them about the actions they have taken in the past year to stay healthy.

It is well known that healthy habits help people stay in shape and improve the quality of life, and for this it is necessary to include simple but effective actions in the routine in order to achieve this purpose.

A question posed by Kantar Wordpanel to Mexican households reveals interesting results:

What actions have you taken in the past year to stay healthy?

· 49% reduced their sugar and/or salt consumption.

· 38% have changed their diet towards healthier and/or balanced meals.

· 31% devoted time to some physical activity.

· 26% tried to buy fortified food or food with added vitamins, fiber, etc.

· 24% paid more attention than before to information on nutritional values ​​(labels) of food and drinks.

· 22% took no action.

· 14% changed the brands they regularly bought for healthier alternatives.

· 12% sought the advice of a general practitioner or nutritionist.

· 12% started buying light or low-calorie products.

These results represent the percentage of households. There were 1,205 responses. It should be noted that each family carried out an average of 2 actions to improve their health.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel Mexico

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