They encourage the development of winemaking

The Federation of Hotels and Gastronomy of the Republic of Argentina and the Argentine Wine Corporation have signed an agreement to promote the national consumption of this drink.

Institutions understand promotion as a valuable tool for positioning the consumption of wine and gastronomy on the national and international market through the main actors in the chain of tourism service providers, such as hotels and gastronomic establishments in the country, promoting Argentine customs, its traditions, culture and products, the understanding of tourists as dynamic factor of regional economies and tourism as one of the main economic activities in Argentina.

In this sense, in the presence of the Minister of Agribusiness Luis Miguel Etchevehere and the Minister of Tourism of the nation Gustavo Santos, the president of the Hotel-Gastronomy Business Federation of the Republic of Argentina (FEHGRA) Graciela Fresno and the vice president of the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR), Walter Bressia, signed the framework agreement for mutual cooperation , whose goal is to establish a framework for joint action to promote the development and national and international consumption of wine, gastronomy and tourism, activities representative of national production and culture.

The nation’s Ministry of Agro-Industry has signed a “Letter of Accession” to the Action Plan for the Promotion and Expansion of “Argentine Wine as the National Beverage.” FEHGRA signed the same document with the same act. Therefore, both institutions are committed to directing different actions with the aim of contributing to the promotion of Argentine wine.

Gustavo Santos expressed that tourism is strongly linked to identity: “Wine has become one of Argentina’s great tourist products. We are known in the world for four or five products: football, meat, tango and wine. They are markers of identity, they are in our DNA.” He pointed out that both the Argentine hotel and gastronomy sector and the agribusiness sector are made up of workers who work hard every day from their places. During the event, MINTUR presented the National Operational Plan for Wine Tourism.

For his part, Luis Miguel Etchevehere emphasized that “these joint labor agreements strengthen gastronomy, viticulture and wine tourism, thus promoting the creation of formal jobs, as President Macri constantly asks us to do.”

Then Graciela Fresno said: “Signing this Agreement is very important for us. We will actively participate in promoting, positioning, training, in short, promoting the development of oenology, a very powerful tourist product. Our only goal is to generate a wider, sustainable activity that provides more work, that promotes Argentina and that is the engine of the country’s recovery. We understand that this is possible, as is happening in other parts of the world.”

In the end, Walter Bressia pointed out: “Wine is Argentina’s ambassador in the world, but also in our country. There are already 18 provinces that produce their own wines, giving identity to these places, not only because of the characteristics of the grapes, but also because of the work of their people.” He added that “by complementing this activity with tourism and training, we achieve the growth and development of high altitude, good level and quality wine tourism in Argentina.” “Wine tourism is the first tourist activity in Mendoza and welcomes local and foreign visitors.”


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