They explain new consumer trends

The Bimbo company conducted a global study that identified new social axes and adapted production and product design based on them. In order to mirror the best practices, Sara Crespo Casas, Corporate Strategic Marketing of Bimbo, José Luis Juárez, Marinela Technical Service Coordinator, spoke about new product schemes and platforms being considered for their development.

Based on a global study, this organization gathers new social trends to meet the needs of generations, this analysis measured quantitative and qualitative aspects on sociocultural boundaries, waves of trends and megatrends.

The results and assumptions were presented in the form of a premise at Food Technology 2012 in which it was explained that human habits and behaviors change, such as personal and professional relationships, among other life decisions. In this sense, it was observed that in Mexico 28% have traditional family model, while 11% was formed individually, which influenced the way the product is packaged and its presentation in the store.

One of the current concerns is how to balance physical activity with caloric intake. In this regard, Sara Crespo mentioned that a few years ago the average Mexican consumed 3,000 calories, and currently it is 3,200. In this way, one should look for a balance between taste and nutritional benefit.

Based on these trends, Grupo Bimbo redesigned the product production plan, thereby eliminating Trans fats and sugars in almost 300 products, and now they are made from whole wheat flour and comply with the labels of whole grains.

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