They found a specialized company for the meat sector

Newmeat Co., was born from the unification of two companies with a long history in formulating and mixing meat food products: Doscadesa and Premium Ingredients. Blendhub Corp. launched her new company Newmeat Co., a company specializing in ingredients, formulation and mixes powder for meat products, which was created by the merger of two companies with a long history in the formulation and blending of meat food products: Doscadesa and Premium Ingredients, the latter also part of the Blendhub Corp. group. Both are made available by Newmeat Co. its knowledge and extensive experience in the meat sector for the production of high-quality powdered ingredient mixtures.

The new company of the Blendhub Corp. group, Newmeat Co., offers transparent formulas, in accordance with the highest standards of food safety and quality, always looking for the lowest price per kilogram, and minimal financial and operational risk. As part of the group, the company offers its formulations in three modalities:

1. Our formula. Formulas developed by Doscadesa and Premium Ingredientes for more than 75 years for fresh, marinated/marinated, dried/ripened, cooked, reconstituted meat products, brines, spices, flavorings and colorings, Halal products, etc.

2. Your formula: Newmeat Co. optimizes its clients’ formulas in a completely transparent way, thereby achieving cost optimization and improved functionality.

3. Its formula: Thanks to allfoodexperts®, an international open innovation platform and global network of formulators, Newmeat Co. offers access to all types of formulations for different food and beverage categories.

Newmeat Co. accompanies its clients throughout the process, applying and adapting the formula to their specific product and production methods, with specialized technical advice in its facilities and personal and individualized training.

Las formulas sold by Newmeat Co. under these different modalities, they can be produced anywhere in the world (close to raw materials or the end customer) or anywhere in the value chain of the agri-food industry, thanks to a modular and portable plant for mixing ingredients. ‘Portable Powder Blending’ (PPB) powder.


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