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With the participation of Sergio González, the coach of the Argentine national team during the Louis Lesaffre Cup 2015, for the first time an Argentine is a member of the jury of the World Cup of Bakery in France 2016. For its 9th edition, the World Championship of Bakery, which took place over 4 days during the fair EUROPAIN in Paris, gathered 12 of the world’s best teams. Lesaffre, the official and exclusive partner of the competition, enthusiastically welcomes the professionalism of the teams. They did their best and raised this event to an exceptional level so far.

Awarded the EBI medal as a member of the International Boulangerie Elite Club (becoming one of only 20 members of the bakery club in the world), baker Sergio González had the honor and responsibility of being part of the jury that takes care of selecting the best team bakery Worldwide. Sergio was the coach of the last Argentinian baking team in 2015, and previously captained the national team twice during the Louis Lesaffre Cup. In addition, the baker from Villa Lugano had competition experience as a member of the Argentine team during the 2008 French World Baking Championship and captained the Argentine team in the 2010 qualifying round.

12 teams from four corners of the world tried to win the podium of the World Baker’s Cup, 9 of which arrived through the international selections of the Louis Lesaffre Cup. Thanks to diligent preparation, the level of excellence that grew during national and then international selections, and the desire to improve, these teams, gathered in an acrobatic spectacle, talentedly competed in creating works of art, baguettes, world breads, and cakes sweet and salty. Three special features that could be the deciding factor for competing teams. However, in the end, the South Korean national team triumphed. Winner of the Asia Pacific Louis Lesaffre Cup, held in November 2015, the last qualifying round before the World Cup. With only two months of training, and against some teams that had been preparing for more than two years, South Korea managed to reinvent themselves and put on an exceptional program, reflecting their exemplary organization and perfect dominance.

Winner’s podium of the World Baking Cup 2016:
1st place: South Korea, consisting of Chang-Min LEE, Jong-Ho KIM and Yong-Joo PARK.
2nd place: Taiwan, consisting of Chung-Yu HSIEH, Yu-Chih CHEN and Peng-Chieh WANG.
3rd place: France, consisting of Cyrille MARTIN, Déborah OTT and Claude CASADO.

Taiwan, which took third place on the podium in 2012, took second place this year. Although previously selected automatically and without participating in the Louis Lesaffre Cup selections, the Taiwanese were the only team to go and watch their future competition partners during the Louis Lesaffre Cup Europe 2015. An experience that undoubtedly helped them really immerse themselves. to a high level of competition, which paved the way for them to win the silver medal.

Finally, France, crowned in 2008 but missing the podium in 2012, was again part of the podium with third place. Dynamic and ultra-motivated, the French team, selected during the Louis Lesaffre Cup in the Europe zone, showed a progressive and modern system of work, which obtained impeccable results. A well-deserved and encouraging bronze medal. Therefore, Lesaffre welcomes with respect and pride the work of all teams who represent their profession with art and passion.

Nominations will now be for individual world challenges in the 2018 Baking Masters during the next EUROPAIN show in Paris.

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