They highlight agribusiness as the engine of development

In the framework of the Argentina Vision 2020/40 conference, Argentina is considered an agri-food powerhouse and the engine of the country’s development.

As part of the Argentina Vision 2020/40 conference, the relationship between agribusiness and Argentina’s future was discussed. In this sense, the nation’s Minister of Agro-Industry, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, stated: “Through the 3 axes of management: debureaucratization, competitiveness and market opening, we aim to consolidate Argentina as a global agri-food power, while at the same time being the driver of the country’s development.”

The official said that work is being done in the Agroindustrial Innovation District within INTA Castelar so that engineers, scientists and researchers develop technologies that are an indispensable input for the activity, and emphasized the importance of these areas where, as he said, ideas develop. They become tangible products that translate into scientific prestige and economic returns.

For his part, the nation’s Minister of Science, Technology and Manufacturing Innovation, Lino Barañao, emphasized the importance of the event “especially because we are talking about the long-term future, and these types of discussions define whether we will be a developed country or not.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that the future of agriculture is framed by another discipline that is more ambitious: the bioeconomy, “which is not only the application of living things to create value or the conversion of waste into agricultural by-products, but can also be an economy that is more biological, that takes into account the development of human beings: which looks not only at profitability, but also at how this activity improves people’s quality of life and, above all, job creation.

Etchevehere shared the opening with Lina Baraña, the nation’s Minister of Science, Technology and Manufacturing Innovation; Leonardo Sarquís, Minister of Agro-Industry of the Province of Buenos Aires; José Demicheli, founding partner and general manager of ADBlick Agro; Ana Eugenia Galiano, Dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences, Austral University; Daphnee Mac Grath, Co-Founder and CEO of BisBlick – Social Commitment.

The meeting, which was held at the Science Cultural Centre, was jointly organized by ADBlick Agro, the Australian University’s Center for Agribusiness and Food and the Ministry of Manufacturing. This is for the full benefit of BisBlick Talento Joven, a foundation that provides scholarships so that young people with high potential and low economic resources can complete their tertiary and university studies.

Source: CarneTec

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