They highlight the changes in the Mexican consumer

dr. Héctor Bourges explains that the country’s food wealth is being lost, and the consumption of products with a high sodium and fat content is increasing. Due to social changes and new forms of consumption, Mexico is losing the food richness that characterized it until a few years ago. years ago..
In the framework of the “Food Health Summit 2012. Proposals of political parties”, organized by the DIANUI Foundation, various experts agreed on this topic.
According to Dr. Héctor Bourges, Director of the Department of Nutrition at the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, as food traditions are lost, society is also losing the ability to make good decisions about food.
He said that the consumption of nixtamalized corn and beans is decreasing in the country, while the consumption of products rich in fat and sodium has increased.
“Today there is much more information about different foods, their properties and benefits, but the reality is that misinformation continues because much of this information circulates without proper explanation or out of context. With so much information, but without the ability to distinguish between one side and the other, individuals they lose the autonomy of food,” the expert explained.
dr. Bourges also added that Mexico is fighting child malnutrition and anemia at the same time it has to fight obesity, diabetes and hypertension, as examples of chronic diseases related to nutrition.

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