They innovate sustainable packaging for the transport of liquids

Spain.- Hinojosa was created and patented by a a new sustainable packaging system, designed to handle incidents in the transportation of bottles with liquid contents sent by e-commerce.

  • It is the pioneering packaging in the sector, fully sustainable, single-material and 100% recyclable.

The solution is specially designed so that, due to its characteristics, it can difficult to transport without breaking, sliding or spilling the contents.

Currently, disposable plastic wraps are mostly used as packaging. Nevertheless, it can be adapted for any type of transport liquid container bottle with cap.

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Sustainable packaging based on two pieces

New packaging, adaptable to all types of bottles and caps, It is based on two parts consisting of an outer box (type B1 or American) with a separator.

Obtained from the lower fins and a separate insert specially designed for immobilize the bottles and protect the caps.

Furthermore, to eliminate the risks of damage to the product during transport and to guarantee that it will arrive in perfect condition, the package has two spaces or compartments, where the bottles are grouped and attached at the top to another second piece with pre-cut holes.

  • This creates a protective chamber for the corks and bottles.

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The new packaging, adaptable to any type of bottle and cap, is based on two parts consisting of an outer box with a separator.

The goal: zero plastic

Current e-commerce packaging solutions for this type of product are based on the use of plastic packaging.

Which creates a certain amount of unwanted waste, directly affecting the shopping experience, in addition to impact on the environment what they mean for the planet.

For this reason, the company is developing a solution that avoids incidents during transport and enables replace the use of traditional plastic packaging with fully sustainable packaging.

This new packaging is also certified Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) from Amazon, an initiative that seeks to optimize the amount of packaging used in the world every day.

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