They present confectionery solutions

TIC Gums presented TicaPAN coating systems during Confitexpo 2014 in Guadalajara, which took place from July 29 to August 1. TicaPAN coating systems are based on combinations of hydrocolloids and are used to bind and reinforce sugar coatings and granulated polyols as an alternative to gum arabic. This line is also a good option for coating nuts, malted milk balls, candy chocolate and other products whose middle contains oil.

One of the systems, TicaPAN Quick Crunch, allows manufacturers to save on operating costs by reducing the number of layers required for coating, as well as faster drying times compared to gum arabic. “TicaPAN Quick Crunch reduces drying time by up to 20%, which is a major energy drain in crumb production,” said TIC Gums President, Greg Andon. These advanced aspects make it possible to increase production without the need for additional capital investment.

Another coating system, TicaPAN 311, exactly replaces the textural and functional attributes provided by gum arabic at a more economical cost. Although the gum arabic market can vary in price, TicaPAN 311 is solution with a supply of ingredients from stable sources that ensures regularity to the final balance.


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