They present solutions for sauces and toppings

TIC Gums has introduced a range of stabilization solutions to develop barbecue sauces and condiments with improved texture, consistency and quality. As barbecue season has officially begun, consumer appetite for backyard barbecues is in full swing. boom. These feasts call for preferences such as barbecue sauce, salad dressing, and hot sauce. As new spices are launched into the market, companies that produce these types of products are constantly faced with the challenge of creating a superior product that maintains an edge over the competition.

Ensuring that dressings and sauces do not lose consistency or that condiments do not accumulate at the bottom of the container is vital for the customer to perceive quality. Hydrocolloids play a fundamental role in the development of texture and stability of these products. Achieve viscosity and emulsification simultaneously with production flavor is the formula for a successful sauce or dressing.

“Typically, the use of a combination of gums is most effective in achieving emulsification and thickening. The level of use of each gum can vary from product to product, depending on pH levels and listings. This is why it is especially beneficial for food companies to include our Gum Gurus® into problem solving and product development. Together we can increase the synergy of the combination of rubber and ingredients. Take advantage,” said Dr. Mar Nieto, Chief Scientist at TIC Desni.

From a processing standpoint, the presentation of rubber in the system has historically been a matter of concern due to the possibility of excess lumps or granules in the solution. The formation of lumps or “fish eyes” usually occurs when gums are inadequately dispersed and allowed to hydrate without sufficient shear. Some solutions include labor-intensive dry mixing and oil dispersion, however, this does not solve problems with grainy texture and process inefficiency, leading to product loss.

TIC Gums offers solutions to increase product performance in a safer environment with its line of agglomerated products, including other top quality products FASTir® Xanthan EC and Pre-Hydrated® Ticaxan® Rapid-3, which disperse quickly and allow for low shear mixing, eliminating the need for with product residues to replace dehydrated rubber. Using its agglomeration technology, the grainy texture in standard particle size products is significantly reduced, creating a safer environment for production operators. Finally, these products reduce processing and delivery times. mixthey offer consistent quality and reduce capital investment.

TIC Gums will be present at the IFT Food Expo, which will be held from June 21-24 this year, at booth #4641, where they will showcase texture and stability solutions for sauces, dressings and marinades. For more information visit:

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