They produce functional food

They reported that the development of healthy products with acacia seeds is the goal of the project implemented by FIA ​​and INFOR. To develop a line of healthy products – based on acacia saligna flour – with a high protein content, rich flour fiber and low glycemic index, is the goal of the innovation project carried out by the Forestry Institute (INFOR) and co-financed by the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA), both organizations associated with Ministry of Agriculture.

The initiative will include a pan multigrain made from 100% wholemeal flour, rye flour, acacia flour, with the addition of acacia seeds, sesame, chia marigold, flax seeds, quinoa, soy, pumpkin, oats, without artificial colors and low in sodium, except biscuits made from acacia flour, 100 % whole wheat flour, oatmeal, without added sucrose, sweetened with stevia and specially intended for diabetics.

Acacia saligna is a legume that grows mainly in arid and semi-arid environments. In the country, there are about 8 thousand hectares of plantations in the dry area of ​​the Coquimbo region, which are mainly intended for soil protection and marginally for the production of fodder, the seeds of which can be processed for the production of functional flour and healthy food.

“There is nutritional information in Australia seeds acacia for edible purposes whose resulting products such as cookies and flavorings are preferably intended for the functional food industry and nutraceuticals bushfood, with high profitability for seed producers,” explained the coordinator of the initiative, INFOR researcher, Patricio Rojas. .

Among the possibilities of this initiative, the available resource of Acacia saligna seeds with differentiated nutritional and functional properties for the development of new food products – which today are insufficiently used as an input and which could supply factories and the food industry – is highlighted, and the demand is growing due to a healthy diet.

Functional healthy products that will be developed with the incorporation of acacia seeds are intended for the ABC1 target audience with healthy consumption habits, that is, those who are ready to buy an innovative product of high nutritional value.

At the national level, the healthy bread market is mainly concentrated in packaged products, which are 83% concentrated in supermarket chains, a key distribution channel in the marketing strategy. It is estimated that 1.5% of the total number of packaged breads corresponds to the sale of healthy breads, which results in a monthly consumption of 175 tons of these products.

Source: Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA) – Ministry of Agriculture.

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