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Bonafont, the leader in the bottled water market, announced “La Carrera Bonafont”, a movement that encourages a healthier life. Bonafont, the market leader in agua bottled and the main promoter of healthy hydration among Mexicans, this May 25, for the tenth year in a row, will carry out “La Carrera Bonafont”, a social and recreational movement promoted by thousands of Mexican women, family and friends who promote healthy lifestyles.

During these 10 years, Carrera Bonafont managed to bring together 300,000 women (runners and non-runners), to encourage them to get into the habit of engaging in activities that include exercise, hydration healthy and proper nutrition, which promotes health and overall well-being.

“Given the obesity and overweight context that exists in our country, we at Bonafonte are strongly committed to public health. In this sense, Carrera Bonafont is one of our most important projects, through which we have promoted physical activity and daily drinking of plain water for 10 years,” said Gloria Cervantes, Master of Public Health and Head of Health Affairs. Bonafont Health and Nutrition.

The Bonafont Race has become a movement for health, powered by thousands of Mexican women, families and friends; The goal is not just to run, walk or run 5 km, but to achieve everything you set your mind to. As a leader in the healthy hydration industry, Bonafont is committed to promoting initiatives that inspire the building of ever healthier habits,” said Gloria Cervantes.

Exercising at every stage of life enables you to live a healthy life and is essential to achieving overall well-being. As the years pass, it is increasingly important to carry out physical activity that helps us provide the energy needed for our daily activities, improve our flexibility, oxygenate our body, strengthen our bones, increase the production of endorphins and improve our mood.

“Exercise is very important at any age, it all starts with the pleasure and motivation to feel and look good physically, in addition to the benefits that any physical activity has on our health,” said Paola Espinosa, double Olympic medalist and president of the Paola Espinosa Foundation , who serves as a brand ambassador.

The evolution of the Race over 10 years with the saying JA MOGU has been noticed since its first edition, which took place in 2005 with the participation of 8,500 runners. It is currently the biggest race for women in the world in its category. “This year, we decided to create a social movement with the motto “10 years says I CAN”, which will motivate participants to achieve their goals and go for more. Adopt healthy lifestyles such as drinking 2 liters of water a day, exercising, achieving personal goals such as starting a new phase of life, completing a career, planning family life, traveling, etc.,” said Aminta Ocampo Montero, Bonafont Head of Group Relations public and social responsibility.

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