They promote the development of solutions for plant-based products

Döhler and Sacco System have established an alliance in the categories of plant-based dairy alternatives and food crops. The partnership will begin with formulation and development plant-based product solutions as:

  • Yogurts without dairy products
  • drinks
  • Cheeses
  • Spread it

Development solutions for products of plant origin It should be viewed through the prism of clean label, as consumers want options that are more natural, with ingredients that are easier to understand, avoiding additional ingredients that are often perceived as artificial.

In this sense, Ángelo Suárez, specialist in the application of fermented alternatives of plant origin at Sacco System, said that to overcome the challenges of texture and taste in the development of fermented products of plant origin, “these solutions include the addition of functional characteristics through fermentation.” .

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Texture preferences of plant-based foods

While fermentation has been around for millennia, today’s consumers have different taste and texture preferences that vary by region. The fermentation is experiencing a renaissance due to its gut health benefits along with its ability to enhance the flavor profile.

According to Carlo Appennini, executive director of the Sacco System Dairy Business Unit, this alliance is very beneficial, “since the Sacco is recognized in the area of ​​cultures. And bringing cultures into Döhler’s plant-based dairy alternatives will complete the offer.”

In addition, he said customers will receive all the science needed to launch successful fermented plant-based projects with a shorter time to market.

products of plant origin

Opening the way for fermentation

2021 saw significant progress in plant-based foods based on fermentation. Last October, the project “Biopurification of vegetable proteins” for the development of bioremediation strategies. Processes for the removal of off-flavors, anti-nutritional compounds and phytoestrogens from plant proteins.

The project, supported by the Dutch government, through the Top Sector Agri & Food (TKI Agri & Food) initiative, is investigating the potential of fermentation to remove off-flavors and other unwanted characteristics in various plant proteins and isolates.

Emerging company Eden Brew, specializing in dairy farming without animals, developed a cow’s milk-free product that uses casein. Which is currently undergoing prototype testing at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Food Innovation Center in Victoria.

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