They promote the use of zero calorie sweeteners

Metco held a cooking workshop where the main ingredient was svetia, a natural sweetener with stevia extracts that represents a new generation of calorie-free sweeteners.

Metco held a cooking workshop, led by Metco’s product application chef, Valeria Bonilla, with the purpose of promoting the preparation of different foods with zero calorie sweeteners and verifying that you can eat delicious and healthy food by adapting the recipes simply to the lifestyle of the average consumer.

The main product was Svetia Blend, a sweetener based on Svetia that is of high purity and ideal for baking, so it does not break down at high temperatures and allows preserving the texture and sponginess of foods, reducing the calorie intake of recipes and with essential solids for baking.

In this sense, Valeria Bonilla emphasized that not all sugar substitutes can be baked because they are unstable like aspartame, but stevia is stable when baked and the most important thing is that it does not lose its sweetness.

For her part, Leonor López, director of institutional sales at Metz, pointed out that each bag of stevia sweetens the equivalent of two tablespoons of sugar, which is the standard used to sweeten coffee. “We use stevia of at least 95% purity, which is approved in Mexico by Cofepris and in a document known as the Agreement on Additives, by the FDA in the United States and the Alimentary Codex in the European Union.”

Source: Metco

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