They publish 10 consumer trends for 2016

Euromonitor International has revealed the top 10 consumer trends for 2016, highlighting greener, natural, local and seasonal foods. According to the report, “Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2016,” agnostic shoppers epitomize the contradictions facing consumers today. Encouraged by the enthusiasm of post-recession consumerism, hyper-informed and with multiple opportunities to compare prices, these consumers care less and less about labels and famous products.

“Agnostic consumers vacillate between stores and products looking for value and novelty, which presents a challenge for brands seeking to connect with them or seek their loyalty,” said report author Daphne Kasriel-Alexander, Consumer Trends editor at Euromonitor International. “On the one hand, they want to save and look for the best prices, but on the other hand, they want to spend on products that inspire them.”

Another trend the report highlights is that there is a growing preference for greener foods. “In 2016, most consumers want to eat more environmentally friendly. More and more people are concerned about reducing food waste and try to avoid junk food, overeating and are more interested in healthier food. naturallocal and seasonal,” the report said.

Also, the report indicates that the population is thinking about cheaper and fresher foods, even before they reach the retail chains. Even fast food is greener, due to the increasing interest of consumers in the transparency of the production process and the accompanying story that makes them satisfied with their consumption choices.

The report highlights the term “locavorismo”, a strong commitment to local products, which means enjoying local and traditional food. A key aspect of green food is the consumption of locally grown food, including, more limitedly, the fruits of urban gardening projects. At the same time, consumers give preference to locally grown and seasonal food due to environmental protection, health, freshness and savings. Shopping closer to home in smaller retail formats, such as shops and small supermarket branches, and buying food on the street are permanent trends. Farmers’ markets, where mostly organic food is sold, symbolize this local trend and are now a global phenomenon.

Manufacturers respond to trend healthy with a growing selection of organic and vegan products. Famous brands are also responding to food safety. For example, Campbell is revising its soup recipes to accommodate changing customer tastes. Young Americans often meet friends at other fast-food restaurants, which are part of a new segment of “fast-casual” restaurants, sandwiched between fast-casual food and promising more natural ingredients.

Other trends highlighted in the report are:
• Buy time
• Demanding aging
• Agents of change
• Mental well-being
• Connected consumers
• Purchase control
• Spending singles

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Source: Euromonitor International

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