They reach negotiations on the production of almond milk

Thanks to almond milk powder, the entrepreneurial company Nulliav earned a new investment that will allow it to grow further and gain market share.

The creators of the first almond milk powder in Mexico, Joaquín Sánchez and Verónica Llerena, raised their first capital for Nulliav on Shark Tank México.

The entrepreneurs went into the shark tank armed with their delicious almond milk powder—branded as Feeds Almond Milk—and some hard data: “right now, animal milks are losing ground compared to plant-based drinks, which are growing by 22.5%,” she explained. is Verónica for sharks.

Nulliav’s sales fell in 2017, as the company was the victim of a crime when the bank that looked after its money allowed checks to be cashed improperly, but despite this major setback, the entrepreneurs managed to stay afloat, continue to operate and now continue to fight to conquer the market.

The entrepreneurs set out to find “a partner who will help us grow”, and the answer of businesswoman Patricia Armendáriz Guerra was immediate: “The substitute for animal food has a very important market, and I have an offer. The condition is to try to launch a product using Mexican materials.”

For the young company Nulliav, these negotiations mean a big step in business expansion, as it will allow them to expand the product line based on nuts, pistachios, cashews and hazelnuts, and launch a plant-based coffee series. creameries, along with continuing work on research and development of new products and a line of ready-made drinks.

Source: Nulliav

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