They recognize the product’s past results in food protection

Before the clean label movement gained momentum in the late 1990s, food and dairy manufacturers relied on chemical alternatives to address food spoilage. Today, DuPont has developed cleaner ingredients in recent years to offer more natural solutions.

In this changing market, DuPont Nutrition & Health has launched HOLDBAC® YM Protective Cultures, a solution that naturally maintains the taste and quality of yogurt, cheeses and other fresh fermented foods throughout their shelf life, while providing flexibility to customers’ production processes.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of HOLDBAC® YM protective cultures (yeasts and fungi). Since its inception, HOLDBAC® YM Protective Cultures have become a brand synonymous with dairy bioprotection worldwide and have helped establish DuPont Nutrition & Health as a global leader in clean labeled food protection solutions. Inherently developed as a label-friendly solution, HOLDBAC® YM cultures provide the ability to formulate fermented dairy products with a longer shelf life while preserving flavor, without the use of a chemical preservative such as sorbate.

What began as a single product in 1998 has grown to five generations of cultures used in applications ranging from yogurt to various dairy products such as cheeses and spreads, each allowing DuPont scientists to tailor to specific customer needs.

In this regard, Malene Svejstrup, Senior Applications Scientist, said: “The invention of HOLDBAC® cultures was a breakthrough and positioned DuPont as one of the pioneers in creating important improvements in biopreservation and food waste control, not only during production but also at retail. the latest release of HOLDBAC® YM-XP protective cultures is an example of how we can work with customers to develop world-class options to combat specific failures of their products.

These cultures are intended to provide optimal protection against yeasts and fungi, especially in the slightly acidic pH conditions typical of cheese and soft yogurt. HOLDBAC® YM-XP cultures can help maintain the natural product character and taste of our customers during shelf life or extend shelf life, for example to facilitate export, which prevents product wastage and has a significant impact on the bottom line.”

Recently, DuPont partnered with a dairy producer and offered an innovative way to apply HOLDBAC® YM protective cultures to a new pure formula without chemical preservatives with potassium sorbate. This allowed the client to lead the market with a completely natural solution. The customer, who also tested other available cultivars, concluded that this new HOLDBAC® YM product matched the sorbate retention capacity of their product, as a natural clear label solution with additional positive contribution to flavor and consistency.

“In addition, for customers focused on productivity and sustainability, shelf life is a key parameter to reduce food waste and consider consumer preferences over a longer period of time. One of our priorities is to use crop-specific dairy products such as HOLDBAC® to effectively reduce waste food, which extends the shelf life of dairy products and also preserves the taste. It also enables producers to export and satisfy an increasing number of customers for longer,” said Svejstrup.

Thanks to its association with shelf life extension, HOLDBAC® Protective Crops integrates a wide range of DuPontTM Danisco® ingredients that support Goal 12.31 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to “halve food waste”. Global food per capita at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses in production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses” by 2030.

More than 30% of all food is lost or wasted in the value chain. A study by DuPont shows that if HOLDBAC® protective cultures are applied to white cheese globally, waste can be reduced by between 50 and 60% and avoid the emission of more than 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. carbon (CO2e). This is equivalent to removing 170,000 ordinary cars from the roads in the European Union per year. In other words, HOLDBAC® provides a completely natural and sustainable solution as an alternative to chemical preservatives.

Source: DuPont™ Danisco®

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