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DuPont Recognizes Packaging Excellence at 26th DuPont Packaging Innovations Awards DuPont has awarded 16 awards for packaging excellence at the 26th DuPont Packaging Innovations Awards, the industry’s oldest, globally competitive, independent jury that highlights innovative and collaborative packaging solutions across the value chain.

This year, the program received almost 200 projects from 31 countries, which represents the second largest number of applications and the largest reach in the program’s 26-year history. The international jury recognized three criteria for awarding awards: Technological progressresponsible packaging and improved user experience.

This year, Unilever (United Kingdom) won the main prize “Diamond Award” for its line of compressed deodorants. In addition to the Diamond Award, a panel of independent judges selected five gold and 10 silver winners from 11 countries. Gold Award winners demonstrate excellence in two criteria, while Silver Award winners demonstrate excellence in any of the criteria.

“The Packaging Awards continue to celebrate innovation and collaboration,” said William J. Harvey, president of DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers. “We’ve updated this year’s award categories to reflect new trends and expand the role of consumers in driving innovation,” he added.

The consumer advantage received a high rating in this year’s competition. 75% solution packaging winners provided consumers with a greater degree of convenience. For example, cardboard packaging from the company VerDeSoft (Germany) makes it possible to prepare fresh pasta at home in three minutes, by squeezing the dough directly from the packaging into the cooking vessel. P&G (Belgium, Brussels, Singapore and Switzerland) won the award for its liquid cleanser bottles, with smart dispensing caps that automatically stop the flow of product after dispensing a pre-measured dose. Parakh Agro Industries (India) milk bags keep milk fresh, without refrigeration, for a maximum of 90 days and can be consumed without cooking.

“The winners of the 2014 DuPont Packaging Awards demonstrate the best of today’s innovative packaging solutions,” said Yasmin Siddiqi, program manager. “Unique design and advanced technology are increasingly being used creatively to package products and improve user experience and convenience,” he added.

Details of the winning packages can be found at the following link:

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