They warn against the consumption of chicken meat

Senasa carried out the tasks of health supervision of poultry slaughtering activities, and warned against the consumption of chicken meat and eggs. The National Service for Health and Quality of Agriculture (Senasa) warned the population against consumption chickens and eggs from the official establishment 3821 “Avícola Plottier”, because despite being closed as a precaution, it distributed a batch of chickens whose analyzes were positive for Salmonella sp.

For this reason, Senasa closed the company as a precaution to protect public health and in accordance with Decree 4238/1968 and Resolution 38/2012 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina. For this reason, the experts of the health organization perform the tasks of health supervision of poultry slaughtering and egg grading.

On that occasion, a batch of 243 boxes of chicken was seized, the samples of which were sent to the Laboratory and tested positive for Salmonella sp.

So Senasa warned the Argentine population to check the origin of the birds and eggs consume, considering the health risk that the consumption of these contaminated products entails. It is worth mentioning that the organization immediately informed the public health areas of the provinces of Río Negro and Neuquén and the municipality of Plottier about the situation.


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