They will make pastries with innovative sweeteners

Metco® and Canainpa will conduct a specialized training program in the development of sugar-free bakery, confectionery and biscuit products for baking professionals.

The workshops will be held throughout the year and started on July 13th at the Canainpa facilities, CDMX, and will be taught by Leonor López, Director of Industrial Sales at Metco® and her team of application experts, who will teach groups of a maximum of 20 people in a hands-on way how to prepare different baking options without added sugar for members who are interested in implementing this option in their business or in their diet.

In this sense, the Metco® Food Biotechnology Master also pointed out: “These workshops are an excellent option both for bakers and confectioners, as well as for baking lovers who want to enjoy the excellent taste of their cookies, cakes, jellies, among others.” , but with fewer calories. With the possibility of offering products without added sugar, without sacrificing the characteristic sweet taste of Mexican bakeries and pastries.”

This is the second collaboration between Metco® and Canainpa this year. On January 6, the two organizations participated in the preparation of the first Rosco De Reyes without added sugar in the world, weighing 48 kilograms and 4.80 meters, which was distributed as part of the celebration of the traditional Mega Rosco de Reyes de la Plaza. of the Constitution. The celebration was led by the head of the government of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, and the president of Canainpa, Eng. Carlos Otegui Hernández, with a group of volunteers who helped to fill the capacity, which was estimated to have 250 thousand people.

The workshops that will be taught throughout the year are: making pancakes, fine pastries, biscuits, traditional gelatin, Pan de Muerto and Rosca de Reyes, all based on the natural calorie-free sweetener Svetia®.

To find out the dates of each of the workshops, as well as how to become a member of the Chamber, call the Canainpa phone number: (55) 51340500 or send an e-mail to: (email protected)

Source: Metco

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