This bottle of wine contributes to the care of the environment

Spain.- Viña Esmeralda launches its new limited edition Deep Sea Edition, which aims to preserve the sea thanks to the collaboration with Gravity Wave. So, for each a bottle of this wine, helps collect the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from the sea. This initiative is being implemented for the second year in a row.

With this new release, the wine brand reinforces its environmental purpose of caring for the Mediterranean, renewing its alliance with the social impact startup, circular economy and environmental awareness.

And through your movement Plastic-free oceansis dedicated to collecting plastic from the sea to turn it into furniture and products with a useful life.

The limited edition is decorated with motifs of the seabed, painted on the glass in turquoise and coral tones, which evoke life in the sea. The message “Help us clean the sea!” expresses ecological commitment.

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A wine bottle that promotes a circular economy

With last year’s limited edition, and thanks to the cooperation of consumers from more than 30 countries, the wine brand managed to remove the total 23 thousand kilograms of plastic waste Mediterranean coasts. Which earned her the recognition of the OLA for the greatest plastic influence collected in the II edition Gravity Wave Awards.

The association, created at the end of 2019, aims to save the sea from plastic pollution through cooperation with companies, entities and individuals.

For this reason, it works with a fleet of more than five thousand traditional fishermen in more than 100 ports throughout the Mediterranean (Spain, Greece and Italy). Where they collect that waste, clean it and turn it into furniture made from recycled materials and other products of sustainable value, contributing to the circular economy.

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