This is Domino’s digital label printer

The N730i digital label printer is the first development to use the new seventh generation inkjet platform Domino. This is the most significant new product the company has launched since its inception in the digital label printer business.

This development is possible thanks to joint effort and teamwork over five years with Brother Industries, supplier partners, development team and current Domino users.

Louise Adcock, global product manager de Domino Digital Printing Solutionsbecause during the development of the N730i they listened to the opinions of their customers, so they are sure that this printer will enable converters hang tags Get the maximum return on your digital printing investment.

Based on customer feedback, the company is focused on three main aspects:

  • Deliver consistent print results at high speed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Flexibility

Label printer features

  • Brother BITSTARTM piezoelectric print head with a resolution of 1200 dpi.
  • SunLight graphical user interface.
  • Domino intelligent technology i-Tech automated functions: i-Tech SetAlign and i-Tech CleanCap2.

The digital label printer N730i It is available with optional flexo stations for priming to enable consistent quality on even the most difficult types of material, and for spot painting or varnishing, increasing the variety of jobs that can be carried out; or apply a cost-effective white coating in shrink wrap applications.

The N730i features Domino’s own in-house developed UV90 ink set with excellent fade resistance, earning it the best score out of eight in Blue wool scale on certain surfaces.

In addition, it has mechanical properties that include abrasion and scratch resistance. Print capacity of Domino textures enables the creation of three-dimensional tactile effects on label design in order to achieve a greater visual effect.

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