This is happening in the food packaging market in Europe

Given the current context, the demand for food packaging It is still growing, although at a slower pace and not in all areas.

next time, Ceresana analyzed the European food packaging market in all categories except drinks.

The new study takes into account:

  • Movies
  • Scholarships
  • Cans
  • Pipes
  • Bottles
  • Primary, secondary and transport containers

Ceresana analysts estimate that the total demand for food packaging in Europe will reach a volume of approx 41.7 million tons by 2031.

Different packaging materials and types of packaging are developing at different rates.

While canned goods piled up during the quarantine, demand for metal packaging is now falling again.

Furthermore, packaging that is considered environmentally friendly, such as bioplastics, particularly benefits from the sustainability trend and the rise of organic food.

In the case of packaging films i short-term disposable packaging for foodbioplastics earn points for their biodegradability.

On the other hand, glass packaging may have a green image, but the demand for glass packaging continues to decline.

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top view of packaged-food-and-juice bottles
The need for packaging is tested for up to 12 applications, depending on the production material.

Innovative packaging, new technologies

Practical products are a special challenge for packaging manufacturers because the time of transport and storage is getting longer. And with them the desired service life. At the same time, the packaging must be:

  • attractions
  • Practically
  • It can be recycled
  • lighter
  • Profitable

The packaging industry responds to complex requirements with innovative materials and technologies. Aiming to reduce packaging weight and resource consumption, stand-alone bags are being used in more and more areas.

The shelf life of food can be increased by changing the composition of the gas inside the package. To achieve this, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) requires high barrier films.

In the case of plastic films for primary packaging, Ceresana’s market researchers note particularly strong growth in BOPET films.

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Glass containers may have a green image, but demand for glass packaging continues to decline.

What Report Says About Food Packaging Market?

The Ceresano report highlights the details in the first chapter analyzes the European demand for food packaging, including Russia and Turkey. As all demand-related data is given in thousands of tons.

In its second chapter, it focuses on food packaging consumption for 22 individual countries. Different materials, types of packaging and areas of application are also examined in detail.

A distinction is made between:

  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Card
  • Metal
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Glass

In addition, the demand is analyzed according to 16 different types of packaging, for example for films, bags and sacks, rigid plastic packaging, cans and tubes. Also for closures, packaging papers and labels.

For the eight largest markets in Europe, plastic packaging is divided into polyethylene, PET, polypropylene and other types of plastic. Packaging requirements are tested for up to 12 applications, depending on the manufacturing material.

Finally, the third chapter analyzes business profiles useful materials of the most important manufacturers of food packaging.

Which are clearly organized according to contact information, sales, profit, product range, production sites, short profile, as well as product types and application areas.

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