This is how omega 3 and vitamin K2 take care of your heart

He omega 3 It has earned an important place in the heart because the consumption of the fatty acids it contains reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and blood pressure. In the meantime, vitamin K2 MenaQ7 like MK-7 increases arterial flexibility by activating the most powerful inhibitor of arterial calcification called Matrix Gla Protein (MGP).

fatty acids omega 3 They strengthen neurons, help with cancer, depression, inflammation and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which is why they have become a relevant addition to the food industry, especially since the body does not produce omega-3 fatty acids, but they are only obtained from the consumption of fish, nuts and flax seeds.

Meanwhile, vitamin K2 from MenaQ7 like MK-7 is essential, among other things, to fix calcium in the bones, not in the arteries, so it has an effect on vascular calcification, the perfect complementary nutrient to support optimal heart health, while helping in the prevention of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis to arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

To take advantage of these features, NattoPharma is connected with Nourishing CD, of KD Pharma Group, to develop a new cardiovascular health ingredient to be used in a combination product Omega-3 fatty acids KD-PüR from KD Nutra with vitamin K2 from NattoPharma, called MenaQ7 PharmaPure MK-7.

“The well-known CV health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are a perfect complement to vitamin K2, the only clear inhibitor of arterial hardening. For CV Health, this is truly a perfect fit, and the combined reach of KD Nutra and NattoPharma can bring this powerful combination to customers around the world,” said Kate Quackenbush, Director of Communications at NattoPharma.

The partnership offers a range of customized formulations, including complementary cardiovascular ingredients such as plant sterols. Nourishing CD says his experience allows for proprietary blends and delivery options.

“This combination of ingredients could provide the most comprehensive cardiovascular support on the market, and these products are intended for the majority of the world’s population. However, this combination also shows great promise for supporting bone health and the health of children,” explains Quackenbush.

The goal of NattoPharma is to vitamin K2 included in multivitamins provide adults and children with bone and cardiovascular support to help them grow and age with the best possible foundation for health.

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