This is the current panorama of the carbonated soft drinks segment

Mintel, the global market research company, has unveiled its latest report on global trends and innovations in the the future of the carbonated soft drinks market in 2022.

  • In addition, it was able to identify areas of development, consumer attitudes, as well as progress that the sector could have.

The carbonated soft drinks market continues to look for ways to sustain growth in the post-pandemic recovery period while fulfilling requirements of ecological sustainability.

At the same time, players in the sector are addressing new consumer demands regarding sweetener consumption through a reformulation approach targeting low-sugar or sugar-free products.

  • 54% of Irish consumers are more interested in fizzy soft drinks that boost immunity from the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • In Brazil, 42% of consumers are interested in carbonated soft drinks that strengthen immunity.

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The future of carbonated soft drinks

For Mintel, the future of carbonated soft drinks will focus on innovation around sustainability and functionality to accelerate improving the health of consumers and the planet.

Functional health benefits will go beyond gut health to a new focus on brain stimulation and other areas of immune stimulation.

Las beverage trends The use of recycled ingredients, the elimination of packaging waste and the introduction of smart printers for household beverages are foreseen. Brands in the carbonated soft drink market will establish a stronger presence in the metaverse to entertain consumers in the future.

Carbonated soft drinks will intensify their focus on sustainability and grow the category through functionality and enhanced sensory experiences,” con Tan Heng Hongfood and beverage analyst for APAC.

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