This is the importance of product design

  • Product design It refers to the overall process that occurs to create new offerings by a company or brand.

It includes everything from analyzing the problem it solves, through labor and raw materials, to how it is presented to end customers.

In this case, what we refer to as a product can be a physical object, software or service.

He product packaging design is responsible for:

  1. Attract the customer
  2. Stand out from your competitors
  3. Strengthen the brand

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Box design
Betting on packaging design to increase brand sales is a safe investment that will return significant benefits.

Is 80% of the impact defined in the design phase?

Paul Foulkes-Arellano, Marketing and Circular Fashion Consultantpoints out that he has heard the phrase that 80% of a product’s impact comes in the design phase as a fact.

This comment is usually heard when a company fails in its attempts to be more sustainable, it says:
“How is it possible for companies that don’t have a system that works to blame the designer,” says Folukes in a conversation with packaging design expert Guillermo Dufranc.

According to the investigation conducted by the expert, it was established that in 2002, in the report by London Design Council where it was said that 80% of the impact is defined in the design phase.

The expert points out that the said report is no longer available on the web. However, some engineers have debated this and found out where the 80% coming from the tech world comes from. architecture.

However, in terms of costs “nIt has nothing to do with packaging or containers, much less environmental impact.“, emphasis.

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