This is the process and benefits of plastic recycling

Practice of plastic recycling It arises as a need to solve the problem of waste accumulation, energy saving, extinguishing non-renewable sources, as well as reducing the amount of pollutants that go into the sea.

  • Currently, global production of plastics It is about 350 million tons per year.

The sectors that spend the most are agriculture and the food industry. It is estimated that the packaging sector consumes 40%, and agricultural applications 3.5%.

Likewise, microplastics which arise from the decomposition of this waste represent an additional environmental problem. It is suspected that only in the agricultural sector is plastic mulch the main source of microplastic accumulation in terrestrial environments.

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Types of plastic recycling and their advantages

According to Solpack, there are currently 2 types of plastic recycling:

  • chemical recycling
  • Mechanical recycling

He chemical recycling It consists of a chemical process by which the initial monomers are obtained again. It is “depolymerization” and is currently in full development.

He mechanical recycling It is applicable only to thermoplastics. It is a physical-mechanical process by which plastic is washed, melted, filtered, obtaining balls of the original material, which can be used as a new raw material.

For experts, advantages of recycling They lead to the saving of raw materials, energy, water and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. For example, production from recycled packaging represents an energy saving of 84%.

When plastic wastecontributes to the reduction of the amount of pollutants that go into the sea, the reduction of microplastics in fish, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gases, which also contributes to the improvement of air quality.

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