This whiskey takes you to enjoy the cities of the future

Mexico.- Johnnie Walker whiskey looks to the future create an inspired vision of tomorrow through a limited edition Cities of the future 2220.

For this reason, Scotch whiskey is launching a collection that imagines what some of the world’s greatest cities will look like in two centuries.

Which includes cities like:

  • London
  • Hainan
  • Taipei
  • the city of Mexico
  • Seoul
  • Sydney
  • Bangkok
  • Berlin
  • Singapore
  • Martha

This space edition was born from the joint vision of Johnnie Walker and renowned digital artist Luke Halls, who establish innovative cooperation a bold step into the future.

This cooperation takes place through the research of topics such as geoengineering, empowerment artificial intelligence (AI) and technologies that defy physics.

New collection of 10 designs envisions a prosperous and vibrant future society that has transformed urban landscapes and skylines. Adoption of new scientific achievements to push the limits of what is possible.

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The illustrations shown on each of these special edition bottles are accompanied by two centuries of artisanal excellence.

These are the countries that consume the most whiskey

Whiskey is a distillate that is on the rise and is present in almost all countries. The quality of the product and the wide variety of styles mean that the audience it reaches is much wider than it was years ago.

The study he conducted Euromonitor together with Quartz to show what they are countries that consume the most of this drink per person globally:

  1. France. 2.15 liters
  2. Uruguay. 1.77 liters
  3. NOW. 1.41 liters
  4. Australia. 1.3 liters
  5. Spain. 1.29 liters
  6. United Arab Emirates. 1.27 liters
  7. United Kingdom. 1.25 liters
  8. Ireland. 1.24 liters
  9. India. 1.24 liters
  10. Canada. 1.19
  11. South Africa. 0.93
  12. Venezuela. 0.91
  13. Belgium. 0.88
  14. New Zealand. 0.87
  15. Sweden. 0.86
  16. Japan. 0.78
  17. Greece. 0.73
  18. Portugal. 0.67
  19. South Korea. 0.67
  20. Taiwan. 0.63

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