Today is World Milk Day

It is celebrated on June 1 World Milk Daythe date he declared Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The aim is to address the problems related to the dairy sector worldwide and to boost the consumption of milk worldwide.

Milk is considered one of the most complete foods in existence, its balanced contribution of vitamins, fats, proteins and minerals makes it excellent source of nutrients. Especially for children who are developing.

And it is also recommended for those suffering from calcium deficiency. Well, among other things, it provides a good amount of calcium that strengthens the bone system.

milk production

According to data from National Chamber of Dairy Industry (CANILEC)In 2010, the production of milk and its products ranks fourth in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the national food industry.

In addition, Mexico ranks eighth in the world in beef milk production; from 2017 to 2021 alone, national milk production increased by 9%. And the average annual production was 12.29 billion liters of this protein of animal origin.

Four states of the Mexican Republic concentrate national milk production:
• Jalisco 20%
• Coahuila 12%
• Durango 11%
• Chihuahua 10%

As part of World Milk Day, Sergio Maynez, National Dairy Sales Manager of MSD Animal Health Livestock Unit in Mexicoshe pointed out the importance of milk and milk products in people’s daily diet.

Intake of milk and its derivatives is essential for enjoying good health and maintaining a healthy diet. Photo: Freepik

Dairy Products

Fermented milk. Also known as yogurt, they are obtained by fermenting milk and contain more micronutrients, minerals and vitamins. As sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iodine, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamins of the B complex, mainly B2, B3 and B12.5
Cheeses. They are produced by the coagulation of milk protein (casein) and are rich in vitamins A, B and D. It is estimated that there are more than 2,000 types of cheese in the world.
Butter. It is a fatty product obtained from milk, and its moderate consumption provides antioxidants and vitamin K2.
Condensed. This product is cow’s milk from which the water has been partially extracted and sugar or sweeteners have been added to give it a sweet taste.
Evaporated. It is a milk concentrate, since 60% of the water is extracted through heat treatment (which guarantees its safety).
Milk powder. It is completely dehydrated milk and its water content is equal to or less than 5% of its composition.
Nata. This milk derivative is rich in fat obtained by resting or centrifuging the milk. It consists of small amounts of protein and lactose.

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