Today is World Pizza Day

Celebration World Pizza Day It started to be celebrated in Naples from the 10th century and because of that pizza spread to many parts of the world. However, the United States of America took over this date to give a special day to this delicious dish and little by little several countries started celebrating this day equally.

Originally from Neapolitan cuisine (Italy), it has become very popular all over the world and has many different varieties. Pizza is a baked flatbread made from wheat flour, salt, water and yeast and topped with tomato sauce. And other ingredients such as:

  • Queso
  • Salami
  • mushrooms
  • Bow
  • ham
  • olives

Eating pizza

Pizza is one of the most representative dishes in the huge culinary offer that this country offers us. Traditional preparation implies the use of top quality products, with different cooking methods, in wood-fired stone ovens, completely the opposite of what the big fast pizza chains offer us.

According to Abastur data, Mexico ranks second in the pizza consumption in the world, and are positioned as the second favorite food of Mexicans, after of course tacos, and pushing out other traditional foods such as tamales and cakes.

Today’s guests are inclined towards brittle and thin doughs, and in some cases, due to the wide range of flour on the market, they also opt for the gluten-free variant. It is important to know the origin of the products from which they are prepared, whether they are domestic farms that offer tomatoes without pesticides, whether the cheese comes from cows that graze freely, among other things.

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