Top quality Cerveza Dorada

Varieties: Dorada Oro Especial, Dorada Azul Especial and Dorada Negra Superama introduced Dorada Premium Quality beer, a new line with three formulas created exclusively for Superama customers who want to have different special beers for every type of food.

Created according to the pairing concept, the Dorada Premium Quality beer range is the perfect complement to the dishes that are most enjoyed. Each formula contains elements that provide aromas and flavors that improve the gastronomic experience.

Understanding pairing as the perfect combination of food and drink to maximize the enjoyment of both elements, Dorada Oro Especial, Dorada Azul Especial and Dorada Negra create an exquisite experience, with nuances of balance and/or contrast for each dish.

– Especially gold. Perfect as a side dish to traditional Mexican dishes, with its many types and flavors unique in the world. It is also an ideal complement to Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern foods; red meat accompanied by intense toppings and sauces; pesto pasta; dishes with mushrooms and other types of mushrooms, as well as cheeses of various types.

It is a beer with an intense golden color, clear and persistent foam. It has an excellent blend of aromas and flavors, with a delicate bitterness achieved by the quality of the hops used, resulting in a perfect balance of body and flavor.

– Special blue. With a mild and refreshing taste, it is designed to be enjoyed with ceviche or other local seafood. Also, it is a perfect complement to white meat with natural spices; marinades, antipasto, various salads; fresh pasta with mild sauces, tomato or vegetables; dishes with cold meats and serrano ham.

Its exclusive cold-filtered formula gives an extremely refreshing sensation. It is a crystal beer, with an exceptional shine in its golden color. Its intensity is moderate due to the low content of bitterness.

– Special black. Ideal for Mexican food with spicy sauces. It also complements food prepared with sweet and sour combinations, ethnic, typical and exotic food, as well as food with creamy sauce.

It is a dark amber colored beer with a dense, compact and creamy foam. The moment you taste it, you can feel its well-defined body and an exotic note of sweetness over the bitterness that comes from the premium malt that gives off a caramelized and persistent taste.

“At Superama, we work to offer our customers the best products; The trend we have recognized is the search for that excellent drink that complements each meal according to its main ingredients and we are confident that Dorada Premium Quality will exceed the expectations of those who appreciate the quality of a gourmet product” commented Antonio Ocaranza, Director of Corporate Communications at Walmart Mexico and Central America .

The quality of Dorada Premium Quality beer is supported by more than 125 years of experience in fermentation processes, in which innovation and the use of the most modern technology stand out. “We are sure that Dorada Premium Quality will take priority in the tastes of Mexican consumers as it is designed to be the ideal complement to the special food enjoyed in this beautiful country,” concluded Ingrid Campos, Regional Marketing Manager. International Brewery of Central America.

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